Commercial Photography

In commercial photography, the image is everything. Marketing materials demand a decisive message, an unmistakable statement of intent and quality. Use Ollie Gyte Photography for all your photographic needs, whether business or pleasure. In the business world we offer a wide range of services, from portraits and catalogue products, to site portfolios and events’ coverage.

Our Services

People / Portraits

Let us capture your staff, business colleagues, students and other personnel for your website, brochures, press releases and other marketing and promotional needs. We work in an environment to suit your needs, whether in a formal studio style, or in a more relaxed atmosphere whether staged or captured ‘in situ’. We are experienced in all situations and deliver high grade images for you to use as you wish.

Product Advertising

We are used to producing high quality images of the products you need to capture for promotional/sales purposes, for you to use online or in print. Whether your needs are to promote clothing, furniture or commercial goods, we will provide you with high grade images quickly, sourced in the studio or on location. We will consult with you at all stages, from scoping, taking the images, preferences in editing and how you want to receive your images. Good quality images can help you build your brand.

Sites / Buildings

In photographing sites and buildings we look to capture the essence of size, space and position that you need to impress your viewer. In addition we focus on unique features that can make the difference in leading to a successful project/promotion. We will work to your brief, paying attention to detail, including light, space and colour. Whether interior or exterior, we will capture your site/buildings with photographs that show the horizontal and vertical space at its best. High resolution photographs will be provided, including images of detail that will give your space maximum appeal.


Whether you are looking for images of internal events to boost staff morale, or want to capture events to put in front of your clients/readership, we are experienced in photographing small group events and large company gatherings, including dinners, staff development/awards days and multi-day conferences. We will discuss with you the outcomes required from the images, from formal photos of specific events, to capturing the excitement of staff immersed in a development activity.

Previous Clients

With all photographic assignments we aim to develop a rapport, putting you at ease as part of a quick and effective process. We also believe that, once you have your set of high grade images, they are yours to do with as you wish for the purposes of running/promoting/extending your business. We do not charge extra for higher grade images, nor will we time limit access to your photos.

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