Thornton Hall Hotel


Bethan and Greg


Bethan and Greg both got ready at the glamorous Thornton Hall Hotel. We captured some stunning shots of her dress and makeup along with some laughs and champagne.

Bethan was determined no matter the weather, the ceremony was going to happen outside. The clouds parted and the sun shined,  it was the perfect setting for such a charming couple. The tiny Garden Pagoda sat looking over acres of farm land it was the ideal backdrop for such a charming couple.

After the service, we departed for some Mr and Mrs photos in and around Thornton Hall Hotel leading into the moment every bride and groom adour, the wedding breakfast!! Speeches were touching with lots of tiers (especially from the groom) and laughs from something a little different. Bethans Grandad decided to say a few words but ended up being a stand-up act. He was hilarious!!!

I stole the couple away for a quick sunset shoot later that evening. This resulted in some of my favorite photos of the day.

I wish them the best of look as a happily married couple.

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